8 million aeromedical retrieval package to the Royal

A south eastern network, taking in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane is far more likely to be financially viable.As C Williams implied, the Grattan Institute’s claim that a fast rail network would take “nearly 50 years” to build is also questionable. China built its 35,000 km of fast rail network (the Hxi Ho) between mid 2008 and the end of 2019 an extreme example admittedly, but a factor of five does make Australia appear less than industrious.A Canberra Sydney fast rail link could replace much of the present short haul air travel and, given that take off occupies a relatively large proportion of travel time, substantially decrease emissions per passenger/kilometre. Emissions could be reduced to near zero if the fast rail network were electrified, starting with the Canberra Sydney link.A fast rail network would be very expensive to build, but it would bolster the populations and economies of towns such as Goulburn, Bowral and Albury Wodonga along the rail corridors and take some of the commuter pressure off Sydney and Melbourne.Leon Arundell says (Letters, May 29) it’ll take twenty three years for tram trip reductions in carbon emissions to pay back the carbon emissions in building Stage One.That’s if you ignore the carbon emissions in making cars and building roads, costs that are higher than the tram building costs for similar trip numbers.If you compare life cycle costs of trams to life cycle costs of cars, the payback for substituting trams for cars is very much quicker.

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canada goose clearance sale Thanks to funding from the federal government, communities in rural and remote areas will now have better access to health services should an outbreak of COVID 19 occur. The $52.8 million aeromedical retrieval package to the Royal Flying Doctor Service is part of the government health pandemic response and was announced at the Dubbo base by Federal Regional Health Minister Mark Coulton on Monday. The funding will allow the RFDS to evacuate initial COVID 19 cases, evacuate suspected cases, plus deliver fly in general practitioner respiratory clinics and replenish protective equipment for frontline medical staff. canada goose clearance sale

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canada goose store Today Papersport, top sport stories, tokyo games, tokyo olympics, australian olympic committee, matt carroll, tokyo 2020, 2020 olympics, coronavirus, marianna toloMarianna Tolo says a 12 month postponement of the Olympic Games would be a “devastating” blow for athletes but has backed the national body decision to turn its back on Tokyo. Athletes have been told to prepare for a 12 month postponement of the Olympic Games with the Australian Olympic Committee prepared to boycott the event amidst the coronavirus pandemic. AOC chief executive Matt Carroll is anticipating the International Olympic Committee will push the Tokyo Games back to 2021 with athletes now facing the prospect of a five year Olympic cycle canada goose store.


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